CFO advances ‘call for farmers’ who are looking to serve local markets with craft chicken

Artisanal-Chicken-Program_RGB.jpgThe first of its kind in Canada and welcoming over 80 new farmers since its inception in 2016, the CFO Artisanal Chicken Program continues to evolve and grow. This unique program was created with small-scale farmers in mind and has fostered a strong community which is now providing craft chicken for local markets. Across Ontario, Artisanal Chicken farmers are successfully satisfying consumer needs for variety and small batch-inspired options.

The Artisanal Chicken Program enables farmers to raise between 600 and 3,000 chickens on an annual basis. Artisanal Chicken farmers are granted growing rights through CFO regulation - ensuring the high-quality standards that all Ontario chicken farmers adhere to and that consumers value.

CFO is committed to providing support for new farmers looking to enter the Ontario chicken business. A wide range of educational and technical services are available, as well as access to supporting staff and networking opportunities within the farming community.

CLICK HERE to meet the Artisanal Chicken farmers and hear their unique stories! 

Pictured: Patrick and Amy Kitchen, Artisanal Chicken farmers from Markdale, ON. 


Looking for more growing options? Learn more about CFO’s Community Chicken Programs:

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) offers a suite of Community Programs which enables smaller-scale farmers to enter the chicken industry and provides consumers with even more access to premium Ontario chicken. CFO’s Community Chicken Programs are designed to attract innovative and entrepreneurial new farmers to the chicken sector through unique growing options, expanded market opportunities and diversified industry growth.
For more information on CFO’s Community Programs and how to get involved, please contact Susan Pol, Community Programs Represenative at or 289.288.4231.