Live Bird Sales Prohibited

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) is responsible for the respectful, humane treatment of all birds in our care. As part of a commitment to responsible, sustainable production, farmers are not permitted to sell live birds. Live bird sales breaks the chain of custody and responsibility for the care and handling of the poultry. Movement of live birds increases the risk of infectious poultry disease transmission. 

Responsibility of Care 

  • Under the provincial Farm Products Marketing Act, CFO requires that any person that has control of or cares for any meat chicken birds within the Province of Ontario, must be registered or licensed as a Quota Holder or under one of our producer programs including, Family Food, Artisanal Chicken, Local Niche Markets, or Specialty Production.  

  • Birds that are under the care and responsibility of a farmer must remain in the custody of the registered/licensed farmer until a signed Transfer of Care is completed. Transfer of Care is completed when the animals are transferred to the care of a licensed abattoir. The abattoir is then responsible for the care and handling until slaughter.  

Controlling Infectious Poultry Diseases 

Infectious poultry diseases pose a serious threat to animal welfare and the Ontario chicken industry. CFO requires that: 

  • All premises, where chicken is raised or housed, is registered; 

  • Live chickens are not transferred between premises; 

  • CFO must be able to communicate with the registered individual when there is an infectious poultry disease incident in their region