Artisanal Chicken Program

Committed to Craftsmanship - Enabling small, independent, locally-based family farms

The Artisanal Chicken Program provides opportunities for small, independent, locally based farmers to meet local demands for safe high quality chicken. CFO is continually looking to meet the changing needs of Ontario chicken consumers and markets. The Artisanal Chicken program will help farmers fill local food and seasonal markets and will give Ontario consumers more choice and options in how and where they buy locally grown chicken. CFO will strive to foster close productive relationships between Artisanal Chicken farmers and their business partners based on strong artisanal values in the production and marketing of Artisanal Chicken.

This innovative program is the first of its kind in Canada. 

Under the CFO Artisanal Chicken program, non-quota holding farmers who wish to grow between 600 and 3000 chickens each year can partner with independent processors to provide Artisanal Chicken for select identified markets. Prior to the development of this program, smaller-scale farmers in Ontario were limited to only growing up to 300 chickens per year for home consumption or farm-gate sales under the CFO Family Food Program. 

Prospective applicants who want to grow chicken are required to complete an application form with details of their production, intended markets and pricing. Full compliance with the On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSP) and the Animal Care Program will be required to maintain biosecurity and industry standards which support the long term sustainability of the chicken industry in Ontario.