Artisanal Chicken Program Licence Renewal Form

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Lead Applicant(s)
Lead Applicant(s) must be the landowner(s).
Farm Address Information
Mailing Address Information
Ownership Changes
Have there been any relevant changes to the ownership of operation of the premises? This includes liens, encumbrance and trust agreements. *:
Farm Business
Did you register your farm as a business in the last year? *:
Registration is not required to participate in the Artisanal Chicken Program.
If a corporation, please be prepared to submit the shareholder agreement and articles of incorporation.
Will you be building a new facility next year? *:
If yes, have you reviewed the New Production Facilities Requirements?:

Click here to read the Quota Policy, Section 4.41.


Please report the number of chickens you intend to process between each of the following dates:

* For production in these Quota Periods you must have an insulated brooder and space to raise birds in a barn if weather is not suitable for range production.

Complete and submit the Market Verification Log. This link navigates to Portal login, then Artisanal Program Forms. The form is available under "forms", "Artisanal Program Forms" in the portal.

Community Farmers Contact List

To facilitate the connection of potential customers and certified Artisanal Chicken farmers, we are asking for your permission to publish your farm and contact information on our website,

Participation is OPTIONAL. All farmers published must be OFFSP and ACP certified and intend to actively grow in the coming year. CLICK HERE to view our current listing. By completing this form you are consenting to publishing your information.

If you wish to participate, please include ONLY information that you consent to publish.