Application Form for 2019

Premises will be visited as part of the application process. Please submit a bacterial water analysis, showing coliform and E-coli counts prior to premise visit. You will receive an application decision approximately 90 days from the application date. Artisanal chicken production may not commence prior to receiving Board approval from the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. Please click here for application deadlines.

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Lead Applicant(s)
Lead Applicant(s) must own the land.
Do you own the facilities in which the artisanal chickens will be grown? *
Additional Applicants
Are all the people named on the deed aware and supportive of this application? *
Mailing Address Information
Farm Address Information
Driveway to the barn of the 911 address.
Driveway to the barn of the 911 address.
Required for the purpose of incident and emergency management.

Register for a PIN number at OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs)

Is your farm a registered business?
Registration is not required to participate in the Artisanal Chicken Program.
If a corporation, please be prepared to submit the shareholder agreement and articles of incorporation.
Are you currently growing family food (previously small flock) chicken, or have you grown family food in the past?
Have you previously applied to the Artisanal Chicken Program?
Will you be building a facility in support of your application?
If yes, have you reviewed the New Production Facilities section in the OFFSAP & ACP Policy:
Click here to read the OFFSAP & ACP Policy.
Have you reviewed the Artisanal Policy and background information, found on the CFO website?
If approved, do you and others in your application agree to abide by all governing CFO Regulations and Policies?

Please report the number of chickens you intend to process
between each of the following dates:

A copy of an acceptable water sample report is required. Sample must be taken inside the grow out area at the outlet pipe.
I certify the information in this application is full, complete and true. Misrepresentation may result in your application being refused.

In submitting this application, the applicant acknowledges that the premises where the birds will be grown will be visited by CFO appointed inspectors.